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Urban Connect

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With Urban Connect’s Mobility as a Service platform, companies can organise their vehicle fleet more efficiently and, above all, reduce their emissions. Your donation of CHF 50 will help expand the platform and increase environmentally friendly mobility.


The urban transportation sector is set for a big disruption, especially with regards to car traffic. Not only does it have a strong environmental impact (responsible for 23% of global CO2 emissions), but it is inefficient too:

  • 95% of its lifetime a car is simply parked, taking up valuable space

  • 30% of the most valuable urban area is occupied by roads and cars.

  • citizens spend 7 full work days a year trapped in traffic on average

This affects companies too, not least because a large portion of total urban traffic is commuter traffic. As such, companies already affect urban mobility - and the congestion causes their employees to lose time in traffic too.
Existing vehicle sharing companies offer solutions that allow employees to increase their environmental and time efficiency, and to decongest urban traffic - but often not yet across an ecosystem of low-carbon vehicles (i.e. e-bikes, e-scooters, e-cars).
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We are the only European mobility-as-a-service platform focusing on companies and offering a complete ecosystem of low-carbon vehicles, following a B2B2C model (Business to Business to employee, in fact). We do this from a high-quality perspective, including premium electrical vehicles, full maintenance and repair coverage, a responsive, well-designed app, fleet management intelligence, and a reliable customer service.
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In a first step, we help companies analyze their existing fleet with the help of sensors that we put into their corporate fleet. We put this information together with the information that we receive from the Corporates about locations, parking spots, numbers of employees etc.
Based on this data, we then suggestion a fleet solution that usually is lower in cost and lower in emissions to our corporate clients. The goal is threefold:

  1. Elimination of non-used cars (idle capacity),

  2. electrification of cars where ever possible, and

  3. substitution cars that travel less than 10Km with e-bikes or e-scooters.

Employees can book and unlock vehicles and check the real-time availability via our app and our IoT stations. The solution is connected with our mechnics and service providers to provide our clients with a wholistic all-in-one carefree service.
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Urban Connect was founded by Judith Häberli and Robert Ruttmann and has grown to a team of 15 highly motivated employees in the last few months. The very international team consists of mobility experts, engineers, software developers, designers, financial experts and mechanics. Together we speak 12 languages and in our free time most of us are on bikes or climbing.
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