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Every day, billions of people come into contact with Bühler technologies to cover their basic needs for food and mobility. Every day, two billion people eat food made on Bühler equipment. One billion people travel in vehicles whose parts have been produced with Bühler technologies. Countless people wear glasses, use smartphones and read newspapers and magazines – they are all manufactured using process technologies and solutions from Bühler, Thanks to this global reach, Bühler is in the position to transform the challenges of today into sustainable business fields. In the process, Bühler helps to ensure a safe food supply for people around the world. While with energy-efficient cars, buildings and machines, Bühler makes a decisive contribution to climate protection. Bühler has set itself the target of enabling its customers to save 50 per cent energy, 50 per cent water and 50 per cent waste in their value chains – by as soon as 2025. Bühler’s motto is “Innovations for a better world”.

Leading process solutions and sustainable value chains

Bühler has three business areas: The solutions developed by Grains & Food guarantee safe and healthy food and animal feed. The solutions provided by Consumer Foods allow the creation of a wide range of culinary delicacies. While Advanced Materials contributes to more energy-efficient vehicles and buildings.

Bühler can connect 85% of its solutions with its proprietary developed IoT platform, Bühler Insights. Backed by high-performance digital technologies, the company tackles problems that are of crucial importance to our society. These include food safety, transparency and traceability along the entire value chain, supported by the use of blockchain among other things. Bühler’s customers benefit in addition from energy savings, higher yields and reduced waste when they employ technologies that take advantage of the production efficiencies offered by Bühler’s digital solutions

Know-how makes the difference

Since it was founded Bühler has been a pioneer in the fields of education and training. Today, all business areas offer training courses for their customers – for example, Bühler runs milling schools on all continents. At its sites in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, the USA, Brazil, China, India and South Africa, each year the company trains approximately 600 apprentices.

Innovations for a better world

Bühler invests up to 5% of its revenue in research and development – a total of CHF 149 million last year. With this investment, in 2019 the company launched over 30 new technologies and solutions and more than 30 new digital services on the market. Together with customers and partners, Bühler creates a unique and dynamic environment for innovations, which also includes start-up accelerators such as MassChallenge as well as dozens of partnerships. Bühler wants to harness its innovations to forge new paths; to make the world a better place and give it a more sustainable future. In 2019 the company opened its new CUBIC Innovation Campus in Uzwil, Switzerland, along with eight freshly renovated application centres. Over three years Bühler has invested around CHF 50 million in these research and development facilities. It is there that the company implements its collaborative innovation concept and taps into new dimensions of cooperation.

Swiss family company

Bühler was founded in Uzwil, Switzerland, in 1860, and today it is represented with over 30 production sites and almost 100 service centres in 140 countries around the world. The strategy “In the region, for the region” is implemented with unwavering commitment and thus is in line with Swiss values and traditions. Bühler develops, designs and manufactures at all locations according to Swiss quality standards and procedures.

In 2019 its approximately 12,800 employees generated revenue of 3.3 billion Swiss francs. Bühler has to this day remained a family business. Jeannine, Maya and Karin Bühler are fifth-generation owners. They represent the interests of the family on the Board of Directors. Stefan Scheiber is the current CEO of Bühler – the sixth since the company was founded. In 2020 the company is celebrating its 160th anniversary.