About our team

We are a team
of optimists.

We focus on positive change. This requires vision, innovation, and creativity. At the same time, solidarity, cooperation and perseverance are essential because our vision cannot be achieved quickly or easily: 
we are making our world a bit better in the long-term.

Meet the team

Get to know the people
behind there for you.

Jil Krippendorf


Flavio Gnos

Project employee

Janosch Bremauer

Managing Director

Pascal Jenny


Roland Schuler


Marion Schmitz


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Our history

Started with the bear,
now we’re there.


In Arosa, a municipality in the Swiss canton of Graubünden, the Arosa Bear Sanctuary project was developed on the initiative of committed persons concerned about animal protection and nature. They recognised the urgent need for action to help wild animals who were kept in confined and often undignified conditions in small zoos or dilapidated circuses. As well as demonstrating a strong commitment to animal protection and respect for nature, the Arosa Bear Sanctuary also encourages the spirit of innovation and is open to new solutions. It contributes to sustainable tourism by enabling visitors to experience animals in a natural environment where there are no restrictions to their freedom of movement.

The Arosa Bear Sanctuary was the starting point and driving force for there for you. The three founders of there for you, Marion, Pascal and Roli, were inspired by their experiences of designing and developing the Arosa Bear Sanctuary and started a new project. They wanted to create an independent and effective donation platform with a clear focus of topics which was open to all.


This private initiative grew into the crowd-donating platform there-for-you.com with the aim of supporting projects relating to animal protection, climate protection and children’s aid.


Our first own project, there-for-trees was launched in spring 2021. We worked with schools to create a more climate-ready and future-proof Swiss forest. After taking over the platform I care for you, we opened our fourth category at there for you: humanitarian aid


On the 21 November, 2023, we were pleased to be about to relaunch our website. Thanks to the loyalty of our donors and the unbelievable commitment of many project teams, we have already been able to finance over 100 projects and thus drive forward our vision of a sustainably better world.

Many thanks to everyone who has supported us on this fantastic journey!

What we stand for

Our values

We are committed to a more sustainable, fairer and better world, we support projects and organisations with similar goals, and we pitch in ourselves. Our goal is to make positive changes in the world by enabling people to come together and achieve great things. We want to make commitment as easy as possible, for your own projects or for supporting other effective projects.

Achieve great things through small actions

Major changes only happen if you take many small steps in the right direction. We make it possible to have a significant impact even with small donation amounts.  

Reaching the goal together

We believe in the power of relationships. We use our network as a driver for positive effects. 


We want to take responsibility for a more ecological, fairer world and promote the development and implementation of solution approaches each day.