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Global United FC

Global United FC is an international, non-profit organisation committed to protecting the climate and environment, and also carries out and supports humanitarian and social projects. The idea of combining football and climate protection came from former professional goalkeeper and current football official Lutz Pfannenstiel in 2009. His experience as a professional footballer in all six FIFA continental associations made it clear to him that there was an urgent need for change. The charitable organisation was registered in Germany in 2011. The acting board consists of founder and chairman Lutz Pfannenstiel, supervisory board chairman Fredi Bobic and general secretary Rainer Hahn, who is responsible for operations. Global United FC Foundation NPC, based in Johannesburg, was founded in 2018 to focus on work and projects in Africa.

All over the world, over 500 famous footballers, coaches and referees, both retired and some still active, are committed to Global United FC and social climate protection. They are available for campaign weeks, individual projects and benefit matches in unusual or endangered locations. The high profile of those taking part ensures a wide reach and attracts attention to the relevant focus issues. Other celebrities from the worlds of media, entertainment and business have also signed up, based on the motto “We love football. We love our planet”.

Global United FC contributes to improving climate protection and living conditions in various countries in several ways. Football opens a lot of doors and a very extensive network has been established over the years. Benefit matches with former professionals raise awareness of climate protection and humanitarian issues while also raising money to support the projects. The network and local organisations involve the people in the affected areas, the idea being to help them to help themselves.

Global United FC’s campaigns range from awareness/information projects in Germany and Switzerland, football camps in the townships, and the renovation of schools and orphanages to the construction of sustainable supply systems. Working with and for children plays a central role. Global United FC works quickly and without bureaucracy, pursuing a strategy of providing help where it is needed and working to make things better for people and the environment. The aim is to work together with on its own projects and achieve maximum synergies. Global United FC provides options and aid, which is made available to the donor community via to allow targeted support through donations.