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Support organic farmers in Neuchâtel

Unfortunately the project hasn't met our fundraising goal.
To reduce the use of pesticides, this company developed a robot that can weed independently. This makes this strenuous work easier and allows competent employees to be deployed elsewhere. Support now with CHF 100.


How do you feel about "For a Switzerland without artificial pesticides" results? I think it was not fair and some people are scared to death if Swiss would show to the whole world that it can be done without pesticides. Pesticides can contaminate soil, water, turf, and other vegetation. In addition to killing insects or weeds, pesticides can be toxic to a host of other organisms including birds, fish, beneficial insects, and non-target plants. Every year more than 60 billion USD is spent for chemical crop protection.
We will not give up and show that we can make it without chemicals and inspire others! We are working on mechanical weed control system, where weeds can be removed in the row without manual hoeing. How does it work? Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI)! Watch the video and then it's clear :)
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I started the company with my father 2 years ago to help local farmers. To be successful with our vision, we define that the solution is: Robotic, non-chemical, easy to use and powered by AI. So we created a product which farmers can mount behind the tractor and mechanically remove weeds.
Changing from chemical spraying to mechanical weeding reduces the need for herbicide up to 80%. In organic farming one 6 row machine is equal to 60 manual workers, E.g. in organic sugar beet the farmer will have tree times higher th profit margin per hectare and ROI in just 2 seasons. And I’ll show you how we do that.
Our patent pending technology combines Software and Hardware and in each row there is a camera with 2 knives which are digging in the soil and selectively removing the weed only.
We have a working prototype with 2 rows. Next year we will build 6 row machine and we are already fully booked with testing. To build additional machined we need money to buy mainly electronic components. The sooner the better because delivery dates are absolutely crazy.
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6 row machine market price is app. 100 000 CHF. It's expensive. But we can make it for just 50 000 CHF as we won't took any profit from it. The money will be used to purchase industry cameras, sensors, computers, boards, actuators, compressor, hydroengine, and a lot of aluminium and metal parts for the machine itself. At last but not least we will install our software into it. We locate it in one farmer's equipment dealer in Neuchâtel which is our big supporter and knows all the organic farmers there. And any farmer can test it for free, thanks to your donation! Our goal is to convince organic farmers to try our machine to see the benefits.
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Our company Ullmanna are bunch of guys who decided to shake an agriculture and move it into 21. century.
Am I Swiss? NO. But I have visited Fehraltorf at least 10 times and experienced that great moment with last night train from Zurich via Dietlikon to realise that there is also Dietikon on the same train connection, but in opposite direction :)
My name is Martin Ullmann and I’m CEO and co-founder of Ullmanna. There are six of us. We have deep expertise in agriculture, mechanical engineering, HW & electronics and of course software development with deep knowledge of mathematics and machine learning.
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