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Tree Cover Malawi

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project summaryDue to climate change and the large number of refugees, there is too little vegetation in the UNHCR refugee camp Dzaleka in Malawi. As a result, the people lack important resources for firewood or food. Together with the local primary schools, we initially want to plant 5,000 mostly fruit-bearing trees to improve the situation.


The UNHCR refugee camp Dzaleka in Malawi with its approximately 65,000 inhabitants has an insufficient vegetation density. This condition has been caused by climate change and the large number of refugees. The refugees have been uncontrollably cutting down trees for the construction of temporary shelters and for firewood. This is counterproductive because the same forest that serves as a livelihood for many refugees has been irresponsibly cut down, exacerbating poverty. This state of affairs has led to the destruction of the ecosystem and the degradation of the soil, which in turn results in hurricane-force winds and dust storms and limits the retreat options for humans and animals (shaded areas).
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In order to protect the future generation, Global United F.C. (GUFC) and Moravian Humanitarian and Development Services (MOHDEVS) want to help reverse the negative impacts of deforestation by planting trees, but also providing seeds for self-sufficiency gardens and more tree seedlings. In this way, the Tree Cover project will help to increase vegetation cover, which will reduce soil erosion and create much needed staging and provisioning areas, among many other benefits. The initiative will also serve as a meeting point and organising platform for young Malawians and refugees who want to learn more about landscape restoration in the Dzaleka region and expand their knowledge through training and mentoring.
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The project is a student-driven initiative that focuses on potential partnerships between the youth of Dowa (Dzaleka camp and host communities) and students from Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR). The project aims to give university students the opportunity to volunteer their skills and passion.
The project aims to plant 5,000 trees in partnership with five primary schools by the end of the project period. The focus will be on the diversity of tree species in order to achieve self-sufficiency in firewood and improve the nutritional situation. A great advantage of working with the schools to plant the trees is that they are permanent institutions with sufficient land, staff and management capacity, and thus also help to protect the trees and gardens planted.
GUFC and the MOHDEVS will put in place mechanisms to ensure a survival rate of at least 80%. These mechanisms include close monitoring of the project and equipping the participating groupings with skills to ensure a high survival rate.
The following activities are planned:

  • Planting of fruit and shade trees.

  • Establishment of self-sufficiency gardens at schools

  • Establishment of environmental clubs in schools for natural resource management

  • Training on how to grow and care for trees

  • Raising awareness about the environment

  • Creation of recreational areas for humans and animals

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Global United FC as project leader, in cooperation with Moravian Humanitarian and Development Services, Lilongwe in Malawi and with students from the Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR) at the University of Lilongwe. There is also close cooperation with the school communities in the refugee camp.
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