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There is great optimisation potential in the transport and packaging sector, and Ponera Group has developed a modular pallet system for this purpose. Your donation of CHF 50 will help start sales by the end of 2021 and minimise the CO2 footprint.


There are many different types of packaging in freight logistics which are based on two types of pallets: Standard-size Pallets (such as EU pallet, US pallet, etc.) and Customized-size Pallets. Even standard-size pallets have 6 different sizes according to ISO standards. This number is up to 50 standard sizes in actual operation worldwide. The heterogeneous market is the cause of dramatic volumes of wastes and many obstacles on implementation of a circular economy.
Non-standard size goods such as industrial machines, automotive parts or furniture do not fit on standard-size pallets. They need customized-size pallets which are specifically produced for the size of the goods. They are about 4 times more expensive per m2 compared to new standard-size pallets due to high procurement efforts, batch production, and requiring higher strength. They are single-use. After only 1 shipment, it is impossible to repurpose them and use for the shipment of other goods. And it is not practical to get them back and use for the shipment of the same goods. This results in wastes of $ 8.7b of such wood products per year. The single-use nature of this packaging also makes it unsuitable for the digitalization era.
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We have developed the LEGO of pallets. A modular packaging system where modules with different sizes can be assembled to provide any desired surface area of pallets. The use of bio-polymer ensures the possibility of reusing the pallets many times up to 10 years. The design focuses on maximizing the efficiency throughout the whole operation. Furthermore, the introduction of modularity in pallets for the first time alongside its reusability and extended life-time enables the preconditions to provide a global IoT solutions in the whole freight transportation system.
Due to the reusability of our modules, the total cost of ownership on packaging material for our clients decreases up to 90%. In terms of sustainability, a direct environmental impact is on reducing the wood consumption by 95% which is also followed by dramatic decrease in the carbon foot-print. Furthermore, traceability and circular nature of the solution enables the benefits of data-driven solutions which is not available today.
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Prior to commercializing the product, the industry requires performing pilots in industrial environment to confirm the quality and functionality of the solution before adapting it into their operation. We are planning to start the industrial pilots in January 2021 as a necessary milestone towards the commercialization of the product by Q4 2021.
The total financial requirement for the pilots' period is approximately CHF 500k. The cost of casting mold for the pilot is CHF 40k which by covering it through this project we can accelerate the operations towards a successful pilot program.
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