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project summaryNeustark has developed an innovative technology for more climate-friendly concrete production. Your donation of CHF 50 will help Neustark establish itself in the market and ensure a sustainable reduction in CO2 emissions.


Concrete is the world's most abundant human made material and comes with two environmental challenges. First, it's production is responsible for 7% of global CO2 emissions, which is more than 2 times more than global aviation. Second, demolished concrete represents the world's largest waste stream which is growing by a factor of 2 every decade.
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Neustark enables the production of fully circular and carbon neutral concrete by turning CO2 into minerals. We do so by employing a container-based technology that contacts captured CO2 with demolished concrete and thereby permanently converts the gas into limestone. The climate positive and carbon negative limestone that we create serves as a replacement for cement and sand during the production of fresh concrete.
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We've been developing our solution since 2017 together with ETH Zurich and successfully commissioned our commercial prototype in summer 2020. Our technology is fully mobile and 100% compatible with existing concrete production processes, which is a key success factor for quick market uptake and climate impact.
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Neustark was founded by Johannes Tiefenthaler and Valentin Gutknecht. Johannes is an ETH trained process engineer and Valentin a business economist with a track record in the field of carbon capture and storage. Johannes and Valentin independently started working on the topic of CO2 storage in concrete in 2017. When they were introduced to each other in 2018 through a common contact, they decided to fund Neustark together as an ETH Spinoff. Since then, the company has grown to a core team of 6 people with diverse background from engineering to real estate and finance.
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