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2695 Bäume gepflanzt
232 Schüler*innen teilgenommen
Pupils plant trees to combat climate change and deal with the issues of climate change and sustainability. A donation of CHF 25 can plant a tree. Become active against climate change and support the project.
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Effective measures must be rapidly implemented to limit global warming to a maximum of 2°C or in the best case to 1.5°C. In order to meet the climate goals of the Paris Agreement, it is crucial to reduce CO2 emissions and thus prevent a further increase in CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere and stop the greenhouse effect from getting worse. Trees and forests act as natural reservoirs, as they absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and release the oxygen again, capturing only the carbon as they build up biomass.
The Crowther Lab at ETH Zurich is investigating this area and has shown in its studies where in the world new trees could grow under current climatic conditions and how much carbon they would store.  Currently, an area the size of the USA would be available for reforestation. Once they have grown, these new forests could store approx 100 billion tonnes of carbon. This is about one-third of the 300 billion tonnes of carbon that have been released into the atmosphere due to human causes since the Industrial Revolution.
Tom Crowther and his team have scientifically proven that reforestation is currently one of the best available solution to climate change. They have revealed that planting the right species of tree in the right places around the world can massively reduce the threat posed by global warming.
However, as it will take years for forests to mature and reach their full potential as natural reservoirs we must act quickly, while also introducing measures in parallel to avoid CO2 emissions. To achieve the climate targets, there is no other option but to use a range of approaches.
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It was from precisely this starting point that the idea for there-for-trees was born. The Crowther Lab is the co-partner of the project and provides the scientific basis for its implementation. Using a map of the world, they will analyse which trees should sensibly be planted where.
The aim is that, using the donations generated by the plattform, school classes in Switzerland will develop their own tree-planting project, through knowledge transfer and awareness raising, and plant the right trees in the right place in their region. The projects implemented will serve as the impetus for the "domino tree movement" around the world. The domino effect is where you push over one domino and it knocks down all the other dominoes in its wake. This well-known (child's) game is the symbolic opposite of the "domino tree movement". Standing up rather than falling down! The impetus to plant a tree will trigger the subsequent planting of countless trees; tree species that grow in the right location and symbolise growth.
The effect is a movement, a wave, a life cycle. The success story, the resulting strength and vitality, closes the circle to the strike movement Fridays for Future. The movement has drawn attention to climate protection and demonstrated the need for rapid and decisive action. Now we can take the next step together and implement measures to protect the climate. Schools are responding to their pupils’ motivation and teaching about climate change, the forest ecosystem, biodiversity and the planting of trees. By taking part in the Domino Tree Movement DBB, they are ultimately making a difference to the world of trees and helping to protect the climate!
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The pupils plant trees under professional guidance, and the schools can also discuss the topic in class and impart relevant knowledge. The team provides extensive information material for these activities and supports teachers in developing a suitable concept. Representatives of the there-for-trees community can visit the schools and present exciting insights into the topic area, or the schools can hold project days or a project week on these topics. Creativity in terms of knowledge transfer, awareness raising and the snowball effect is given free rein.
The political world recognises its responsibility and designates appropriate locations for tree-planting. They pinpoint the places where trees can be planted now and in the future. At the same time, they agree to support the growth of the trees. Private individuals can also allow trees to be planted on their land. When it comes to this project, nothing is off-limits.
With its NGO approach, will ensure that the "domino tree movement" is implemented quickly and effectively. At the same time, it will measure the impact on a regular basis. In collaboration with ETH Zurich, the Crowther Lab and Bühler Uzwil. The Crowther Lab is the brains behind the whole project. They specify the framework conditions for implementation (where which tree needs to be planted) and use the data on the trees planted by schools for the impact analysis and further research. This means schools, and especially pupils and students, can take effective action against climate change and loss of biodiversity.
The donations received will be used to cover the following costs:
  • Cost of purchasing a tree or several tress per project and location
  • Transport costs for transferring the trees from the reforestation unit to the project location
  • Project costs within the school
    • Planting tools – gloves, shovels, picks, etc.
    • Teaching material
      • Climate boxes, books, visualisations, experiments, etc..
    • Involvement of experts – presentation, introduction, etc.
  • Implementation costs
    • Equipment/construction machines will need to be deployed, depending on soil conditions, and specialist staff enlisted where necessary (cost of construction companies, garden centres, etc.)
    • Protective material – usually young trees will need to be fenced in, above all to protect them against external influences (wind, snow, wild animals)
  • Land use costs
    • The initiative is counting on the fact that the authorities as well as private individuals will make areas available that can be used for the project. In exceptional cases, a land purchase could be considered
The "there-for-trees" project is an ongoing project and invests the funds on a continual basis in the corresponding school projects, to begin with in Switzerland and later around the world. Donations are continuously collected and used for the defined interim goals. Every donation benefits the project and all planting is implemented according to the existing donations. Currently, we are collecting funds to implement the first plantings in spring 2021. The current school projects are always listed under the "Updates" tab.
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Jasmin Schad 25 CHF
Susi Moser 100 CHF
Jasna Jovanovic 25 CHF
Michael Schopper 100 CHF
Erich Küng 25 CHF
Anonymous 5 CHF
Global Real Estate Run 5'000 CHF
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Janosch Bremauer 15 CHF
Florence Pillet 25 CHF
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Claudia Jaeggi 100 CHF
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Anonymous 100 CHF
Manuela Frabetti 100 CHF
DIVAS Asset Management AG 10'000 CHF
Peter Burger 25 CHF
Regina Schmid 100 CHF
Nicole Brun 100 CHF
Gaby Moser 200 CHF
Janosch Bremauer 50 CHF
Jasna Jovanovic 25 CHF
Anonymous 15 CHF
Andrea Murer 100 CHF
Thomas Mörgeli 50 CHF
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