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Recycled cardboard briquettes for Samos

Self-manufactured heating briquettes, which require machines and labour, will help the people on Samos through the winter and help protect the environment. Due to inflation, they can no longer afford the heating costs. Support with a donation!
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Social challenges

The inflation rising across the globe, which is also affecting Switzerland, is hitting the inhabitants of the Greek island of Samos particularly hard. Winters on the islands in the Mediterranean Sea are cold and many inhabitants will no longer be able to afford electricity and heating oil because of the high inflation. In order to heat, they will have to cut down trees - but this resource is also scarce in the area.

Ecological challenges

Samos cannot finance a waste incineration plant. Transporting it from the island to the mainland would also be far too expensive. The waste is therefore collected and buried in a makeshift way on a piece of land. Valuable resources such as plastic, glass or cardboard cannot be recycled in this way.
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"Just Action" distributes food parcels twice a month to refugees and locals in need on Samos. The food is delivered in cardboard boxes that previously had to be thrown away. This material will be used to make briquettes. The briquettes will be distributed to poverty stricken locals who otherwise cannot afford the cost of heating fuel.
The cardboard is reduced in size and soaked in water. Sawdust, which "Just Action" receives as a waste product from a local carpentry workshop, is mixed with the wet cardboard and then pressed into a mould. This squeezes out the water and the briquettes stick together. The heat on the island allows for the briquettes to be dried in the sun. The intention is to deliver as many briquettes as possible to the inhabitants in need on Samos the following winter.
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In order to simplify the process of briquette production and to increase the production volume, equipment is necessary to facilitate the work. The following machines are to be procured as soon as possible with the donations.
1. Shredding machine:
Currently, the cardboard is shredded by hand. This is time-consuming and power-intensive. With a self-built shredding machine, the cardboard could be cut into small pieces more easily and quickly.
2. Cardboard press:
"Just Action" and its local partners can provide a large amount of cardboard. In order to store the mountains of cardboard in a limited space, they have to be pressed by a machine.
3. Briquette moulds
In order to produce a larger quantity of briquettes, more moulds are needed for pressing.
Donations exceeding the target amount of CHF 5,000 will help the local team to hire additional workers. With a donation sum of CHF 10'000.- it is possible to finance two workers until winter. This way, production can be increased and more people can benefit from the project.
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Nicole Grogg for "Just Action Samos"
My name is Nicole Grogg. My name is Nicole Grogg. I work in the advertising industry and volunteer with the association "Volunteers for Humanity" for people who are fleeing. I have been connected with the island of Samos and its inhabitants since my early childhood - Samos is like a second home to me. The idea for the project came from the organisation "Just Action" and convinced me from the start. That's why I decided to collect the necessary funds to professionalise the project in my environment.
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We are almost there - you guys are great!

Thanks to your help, our goal of CHF 10,000 is within reach, help us on the last metres.

Wow, I am overwhelmed. In less than a week we were able to reach the first fundraising target of CHF 5,000 and we were able to raise the target number to CHF 8,000. I am delighted, thank you so much for all your support!

The target for the collection was CHF 10,000 from the beginning. But since the donation platform works according to the "all or nothing" principle, we started cautiously. This is because if the target was not reached in the end, the project would fail. Therefore, I ask you to promote the project in your environment so that we can reach the CHF 10,000 target as soon as possible.

Parallel to the collection, I am in contact with Just Action regarding the machines to be built or bought in Athens. August is the holiday month in Athens and many things are more or less standing still. Therefore, we have to be patient for an update.

Anonymous 100 CHF
Stella Tenger 50 CHF
Anonymous 50 CHF
Alice Blaser 400 CHF
Barbara Schmidt 100 CHF
Renato und Brigitta Braun 100 CHF
Anonymous 50 CHF
Corina Carabelli 50 CHF
Rita Frey 100 CHF
Reinhard Roth 90 CHF
Richard Gut 100 CHF
Studio Eleni 200 CHF
Johanna + Toni Frauenfelder 100 CHF
Julia Staub 50 CHF
Yvonne Siegenthaler 50 CHF
Gredy Grogg 100 CHF
Sabine Diggelmann 50 CHF
Thomas Staffelbach 50 CHF
Karin Egli 100 CHF
Claudio Corsi 300 CHF
Rudolf und Christa Gerber-Fürst 100 CHF
Reinhard Roth 100 CHF
Ursula Schär 100 CHF
Doris Kappeler 100 CHF
Anonymous 50 CHF
Anonymous 50 CHF
Anonymous 50 CHF
Ursula Schär 100 CHF
Anonymous 50 CHF
Anonymous 25 CHF
Anonymous 25 CHF
Claudia Steiner 50 CHF
Walter Urwyler 500 CHF
Heidi Gut 100 CHF
Anne-Marie Senn 100 CHF
Marion Kaufmann 100 CHF
Nicole Zumkeller 200 CHF
Panagiotis Konstantakis 100 CHF
Anonymous 100 CHF
Claudia Jud 100 CHF
Anonymous 1'000 CHF
Marianne Jörg 300 CHF
Martin Schmidt 100 CHF
Thomas Pfeiffer 50 CHF
Silvia Marti 100 CHF
Adrian Schoch 500 CHF
Christine Grogg 200 CHF
N&M 200 CHF
Stefan Parathazham 50 CHF
Dragan Mitrovic 100 CHF
Anonymous 50 CHF
Anonymous 150 CHF
Gabriela Oberson 205 CHF
Vermittelt durch Swisscom 155 CHF
House of Communication 2'500 CHF
Andrea Boutellier 50 CHF
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