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Self-sufficient gardens in townships

Many thanks for your support, which meant we were able to complete the project successfully.You can see the impact of the donations for yourself in the video which has been produced. In the introduction you can find the video for the project.
project summaryParents can take care of their children’s livelihood and provide healthy nutrition through self-sufficient gardens in townships in South Africa. Your donation of CHF 50 can buy seedlings for these gardens.


Together with our partners Humanity Empowerment Fund and ABBA Initiatives, we have already started a number of community gardens and around 600 Food4youGardens in townships in the cities of Johannesburg, Randfontein and Cape Town. This allowed us to ensure that lots of families had healthy food on their plates in the form of vegetables and salads, thus improving their health during this difficult pandemic period. It meant that parents could be self-sufficient in providing food for their children. After the initial experience and above all successes, especially during the pandemic, we want to expand the project.
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This involves the expansion of the community gardens and Food4youGardens in the regions (townships) we support and selective expansion into other townships that we can manage in the future through ambassadors (former national team players who grew up there) who have a real influence. We hope to set up another 500 self-sufficiency gardens for single parents and help improve the situation for people and especially children.
The basis is always a community garden in the township, which is accessible to all and supported by a football club. The future gardeners are taught everything they need to know about planting, growing and looking after their gardens, and also about the potential of selling off excess crops. Through our partners, we provide education and support throughout the growing and harvesting phases, plus additional materials such as insulation fleece for the winter months. The community gardens also supply at least two local soup kitchens each.
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This project aims to fund the next phase of planting in February/March 2021. This includes buying the seedlings and other materials, training in the selected regions and support during the cultivation phase. We also help our partners plant the gardens and support the families and single parents in using them further.
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With Global United FC e.V. / Global United FC Africa Foundation as the project leader, Humanitarian Empowerment Fund for long-term support in the townships, ABBA Initiatives for training and purchasing the seedlings at an affordable price and, of course, our local GUFC ambassadors to provide motivation and support.
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Thomas Meier 100,00 CHF
Boris Reichardt 50,00 CHF
Jens Brecht 50,00 CHF
Urs Crotta 250,00 CHF
Bernauer AG 500,00 CHF
Stefan Scheiber 1'000,00 CHF
Reto Ulrich 100,00 CHF
Roland Schuler 50,00 CHF
Bänz Friedli 50,00 CHF
Anonymous 1'000,00 CHF
Janosch Bremauer 15,00 CHF
Anonymous 1'700,00 CHF
Anonymous 200,00 CHF
Janosch Bremauer 15,00 CHF
Roland Schuler 50,00 CHF
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