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SOS Children’s Villages is a private, apolitical and non-denominational child welfare organisation. It provides children and young people in over 130 countries with a permanent home.


Children and young people grow up in a safe environment in which they are nurtured and reach their full potential. Parents, schools and local institutions cover the basic needs of children.


Every child should grow up in a family – secure, loved and cared for. SOS Children’s Villages empowers families to lift themselves out of poverty and provide their children with a future, gives vulnerable children a place they can call home, and fosters their development over the long term.

We offer vulnerable children high-quality care in a supportive environment, strengthen endangered families, promote the education and employability of young people, and give children worldwide a voice.

How SOS Children’s Villages works (mission):

We provide long-term and sustainable help:
Our focus is on the long-term development of every child – care, health and education included – so that as adults they are equipped with the skills they need to overcome the challenges life throws at them. To achieve this, we provide vulnerable children with a loving family environment complete with dependable relationships as well as individual support by dedicated specialists.

We develop regions:
We take measures to strengthen communities so that they are able to assume responsibility for local children and families in need and lay the groundwork for sustainable social structures. SOS Children’s Villages facilities such as kindergartens, schools, education and social centres, and medical units are also made available to the populations located in the vicinity of the children’s villages. In this way we support the development of an entire region.