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Harnessing potential: Enabling contemporary education in Tanzania with computers

project summaryThe project aims to provide 50 computers in various educational institutions in Tanzania. This is to provide children and young people with a contemporary education and to improve their computer skills in order to increase their chances on the labour market.
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In 2017, after my retirement, I started my adventure in Tanzania as a volunteer. The year before, on a safari in northern Tanzania, I had the good fortune to get to know the NGO Africa Amini Alama (AAA), which has been active there since 2008.
Africa Amini Alama (AAA), a Tanzanian NGO with Austrian roots, was founded 15 years ago by the Austrian doctor Dr. Dr. Christine Wallner and built up together with her daughter Dr. Mag. Cornelia Wallner-Frisée (CEO). Since 2008, they have been setting up and running English-language schools in a bitterly poor area in northern Tanzania, in addition to a health system. Today, they offer a broad educational programme to more than 2,000 students. From the beginning, AAA's goal was to offer the entire school programme in Maasai and Meruland: From Montesori Kindergarten to High School as well as a craft-oriented vocational school.
Through this consistent educational path, we give children/young people the chance for a self-determined future. We help them to trust in their own strengths and to think creatively and independently. In this way, they can feed themselves and their families in the future and show their country new perspectives, help shape it and drive change. In order to be able to successfully enter professional life after school, the children/young people are increasingly dependent on computer skills. Currently, there are no computers except in the computer class and in Pamoja Secondary School. We want to change that with this project.
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In order for AAA to achieve its desired goal of quality and contemporary education, it is crucial to procure 50 computers as a first step and deploy them in a targeted manner in various educational institutions. These 50 computers are needed in the following schools and classes:
- AAA Secondary School for Sustainable Tourism
- Mukuru Primary School
- Simba Vision Primary School
- Open computer class
The students taught in these schools and classes are the future of Tanzania and will undoubtedly come into contact with computers most often in their professional lives. The computers will not only help enrich their education but also sharpen their skills in using technology. This will give them a distinct advantage when it comes to succeeding in an increasingly digitalised world and advancing their communities as well as their country.
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Through the NGO Computeraid, AAA has the opportunity to purchase high-quality computers at a comparatively low price of CHF 250 each. It is important to emphasise that these prices are extremely competitive compared to the cheapest laptops in Tanzania, which are around CHF 330 and often of inferior quality. This means that by purchasing computers through Computeraid, AAA not only saves financial resources but also ensures that the equipment purchased is of high quality and performance.
Another advantage of this offer is the partnership with Computeraid, who not only provide the computers but also take care of the transport to Tanzania and customs clearance. This greatly facilitates the entire procurement process and ensures that the computers reach AAA's educational institutions safely and smoothly.
For the purchase of the 50 computers through Computeraid, AAA needs support through donations. As soon as the funding is completed, the computers can be immediately called up from Computeraid and delivered to Momella/Tanzania.
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Helga Dancke has been a volunteer with Africa Amini Alama since 2017 after her retirement and is a member of the board of Africa Amini Alama Switzerland. She spends around 2-3 months a year on the ground in Tanzania to help with various projects.
Africa Amini Alama was founded in 2008 by the Austrian doctor Dr. Dr. Christina Wallner in Momella (Arusha District), in the north of Tanzania. In 2010, she was followed by her daughter, the physician Dr. Mag. Cornelia Wallner-Frisée, who today heads the NGO as CEO in Tanzania. Christine Wallner put all her trust, heart and soul, and not least her financial resources, into supporting the local population. Health, education, balanced nutrition and sustainable tourism are the main fields of activity of Africa Amini Alama.
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