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New water pump for garden project in Burkina Faso

project summaryThe main objective of this project is to procure a new water pump to irrigate the school gardens in Burkina Faso. The urgent support is needed to keep the garden project running and to provide a safe and educational environment for the local children. Every donation counts!
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A year ago, thanks to generous donations, the gardening project in Burkina Faso was launched by the organisation ABN (Association Bangr Nooma). Two specialists taught the children how to garden during the summer holidays and they planted a variety of vegetables such as tomatoes, courgettes and melons. Thanks to the project, the children were safe from dangers such as kidnapping on the street during this time. Fertile garden beds were created from the hard soil, which produced plenty of vegetables. To support the growth of the plants, the vegetables were watered from the well. When the children went back to school, the parents took over the care of the gardens. The sale of the harvested vegetables enabled the children to buy school materials and continue their education.
The water pump that supplies our garden project in Burkina Faso with vital water has unfortunately broken down and cannot be repaired. Without a functioning pump, the survival of our garden and the vegetables grown on it is jeopardised. The project, which was due to start again in May, is therefore in jeopardy. Without sufficient irrigation, the plants could die and jeopardise the entire project.
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Our main goal is to procure and finance a new water pump as quickly as possible. This pump is crucial for the irrigation of the school gardens and therefore for the success of our project. By purchasing and installing a new pump, we can ensure that the gardens continue to thrive and the children can continue to buy school supplies by selling the vegetables they harvest.
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We urgently need your support to purchase a new pump and keep the garden project running. Every donation counts and helps us to continue to provide a safe and educational environment for the children of Burkina Faso.
If more money is donated than is needed, it will be invested in seeds and soil to start the project in May.
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Justyna Grund (Zurich) & Rakieta Poyga (ABN, Burkina Faso)
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