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Help for Druzhba

project summaryThe remaining inhabitants of Druzhba in Ukraine are suffering badly from the effects of the war. Daniel Koch's wife visited Druzhba in March 2024 and reported that people hardly dare to leave their homes and the plight is becoming increasingly urgent. For this reason, they are once again collecting donations for the community in Druzhba to support the neediest families with the most basic necessities.
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Druzhba is a small town in the north-east of Ukraine, just a few kilometres from the Russian border. The town has been regularly shelled from the Russian side for over a year. The surrounding villages near the border have all been completely evacuated, the fields have lain fallow since then and most of them have been mined; around half of the population has fled Druzhba. The situation is depressing, incomprehensible and frightening for the people who have stayed behind, most of whom are women with children and elderly people who have nowhere to go.
Dr Daniel Koch, known in Switzerland as "Mr Corona" and former head of the Communicable Diseases Division at the FOPH, visited Druzhba in the summer of 2023. Weeks later, the town hall in Druzhba was hit by a Russian shell and burnt out. Shortly before Easter 2024, the daily shelling increased sharply. A huge bomb exploded right in the centre and destroyed the town hall for good, leaving only a few walls standing.
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The people in Druzhba are now even more dependent on help and solidarity. Daniel Koch has direct links to people and the local authority in Druzhba. An initial sum of money has already been made available to the community. Daniel Koch's wife visited Druzhba in March 2024 and reported that people are barely venturing out of their homes and the need is getting worse. We are therefore once again collecting money for the community in Druzhba so that the poorest families can be supported with the most basic necessities.
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Daniel Koch has a direct link to the community in Druzhba and personally monitors the use of the funds. The money is administered and utilised locally by the community. This ensures that help reaches those in need quickly.
We will work closely with Andreas Isoz's project Ukraine - Delivery of relief supplies and reconstruction and, if the situation allows, visit the project on site. Reports and news will be published regularly on Instagram and under Updates.
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Daniel Koch, from 3150 Schwarzenburg, with the support of the there-for-you foundation
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New deeds and developments in Druzhba, thanks to your donation! Personal impressions will follow soon.

Your donation will be actively used in Druzhba and soon Daniel and his wife will provide personal impressions on site!

Happy New Year and a big thank you for your generous support! The money raised will now go directly to the Druzhba project. Daniel's wife will soon be travelling to Druzhba to talk to the mayor and give her personal impressions on site. Daniel will be travelling to Ukraine in March to provide further insights and coordinate future action. Your help makes a significant difference - thank you for your trust and commitment! Every donation helps on the ground.

Anonymous 100 CHF
Agnieszka Godlewska 100 CHF
Anonymous 5 CHF
Andrea Weibel 30 CHF
Ruedi Lambert - Gerosa 50 CHF
Beat Brechbühl 13'500 CHF
Anonymous 100 CHF
Simon Zaugg 200 CHF
Urs Briner 50 CHF
Giuseppina Medici 200 CHF
Patrick Lieberherr 30 CHF
Agnieszka Godlewska 100 CHF
Philipp Jordi 100 CHF
Anonymous 5 CHF
Anonymous 10 CHF
Paolo e Patrizia Lazzeri 170 CHF
Doris Jaggi 270 CHF
Burgi Jacober 50 CHF
Giochina Rossi 180 CHF
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