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Fulfilment of last heart's wishes

Thanks to the Wish Ambulance, seriously ill people can meet a loved one for the last time or visit a place of longing. You too can become a wish granter - with a donation of CHF 100, for example, medical items can be purchased for a wish fulfilment.
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When people become seriously ill and a cure is no longer possible, there is still so much that can be done for them. Palliative care encompasses not only medical and nursing care, but also the mental state of a person in their last phase of life. Palliative care creates dignity and comfort by enabling autonomy and self-determination for those affected. In this last stage of life, many affected people still have a place or people they would like to see or visit one last time. This is often not possible in a private setting because the seriously ill are usually very fragile and need permanent medical care. This is where the wish ambulance comes into play: We fulfil these last, previously unfulfilled wishes thanks to our specially equipped ambulance vehicles and volunteers with a medical background. In this way, we can give dying people back some of their self-determination.
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The idea of fulfilling last wishes originated in Holland in 2007. Inspired by there, we founded the wish ambulance in Switzerland in 2017. We fulfil last wishes of the heart through donations. These are as diverse as the people themselves. In the past, we were able to make it possible for people to have their wedding, bring fans and music idols together, make it possible for animals and people to see each other again, or accompany well wishers one last time to a place that is very special to them. Since 2017, the Wish Ambulance has been able to fulfil more than 300 wishes and thus give patients and relatives unforgettable moments of happiness.
In the SRF programme Happy Day, Wish Ambulance founder Petar Sabovic presented his project - and was finally allowed to take delivery of a new ambulance vehicle. Watch the report here:
Happy Day-Link
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The fulfilment of wishes of people in the last phase of life is often very difficult or impossible to realise privately due to the necessary medical care and the lack of appropriate transport options. Experience shows that a wish fulfilment with the Outpatient Clinic costs between CHF 700 and CHF 1,500. At an average of CHF 1,100, a wish fulfilment is expensive, and the medically necessary effort should not be underestimated. The Outpatient Clinic takes over the organisation and costs, and the wish fulfilment is free of charge for the wishing person and their relatives.
Wish fulfilment means a lot to the dying and their relatives - it is often an important step in saying goodbye to places of longing, loved ones or animals. The volunteers are touched to be able to participate in such a significant moment and to experience the gratitude and satisfaction of the patients and relatives.
In order to be able to secure the operation in the future, your generosity is needed: The more donations we generate, the more heartfelt wishes we can fulfil!
With a donation of CHF 50, you make a 100-kilometre journey possible for the wish ambulance. With a donation of CHF 100, you secure the medically necessary items for a wish to be granted. With a donation of CHF 550 you finance half of a wish fulfilment. With a donation of CHF 1,100 you fulfil the last wish of a dying person. With a donation of CHF 2'200 you can make the fulfilment of two wishes possible.
The Wish Ambulance project is an ongoing project and uses the funds continuously for the wish fulfilments that come in. Every donation benefits the project.
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Petar Sabovic, founder of the Wish Ambulance in Switzerland in cooperation with the I care for you Foundation.
Thank you very much for your donation and for helping to fulfil a last wish.
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Fabienne Pfyffer 150 CHF
Anonymous 150 CHF
Natascha Güder 20 CHF
Erika 20 CHF
Erika 20 CHF
Anonymous 5 CHF
Anonymous 50 CHF
René Altherr 100 CHF
Ernst Altherr 100 CHF
Anonymous 1'000 CHF
René Altherr 100 CHF
Daniel Cajic 100 CHF
Dolores Zurbriggen 100 CHF
Anonymous 100 CHF
Gaby Schnelli 100 CHF
René Altherr, Rehbühlstrasse 17, 8610 Uster 50 CHF
Lisa Trinkler 100 CHF
Daniela Stokmaier 100 CHF
Patrick Grossmann 100 CHF
Anonymous 10 CHF
Hannah Engler 100 CHF
Anonymous 30 CHF
Anonymous 5 CHF
Anonymous 50 CHF
Anonymous 20 CHF
Daniela Weidner 100 CHF
Katrin Rutschmann 500 CHF
Stefan Schenker 100 CHF
Anonymous 50 CHF
Annemarie Böni 30 CHF
Rita Hein 50 CHF
Anonymous 1'000 CHF
Anonymous 100 CHF
Melanie Heim 100 CHF
Anina Sonderegger 100 CHF
Melanie Widmer 100 CHF
Stefan Wymann 100 CHF
Susanne Remund 500 CHF
Martina Riser 50 CHF
Ursina Zürrer 100 CHF
Barbara Brunner 50 CHF
Anonymous 10 CHF
Thomas Steinmann 43 CHF
Theo Clausen 50 CHF
Anonymous 20 CHF
Andrea Meier 100 CHF
Marion Schmitz 20 CHF
Anonymous 15 CHF
Unser Beitrag für letzte Herzenswünsche. Klientinnen und Klienten spenden zusammen mit ananda - ganzheitliche körpertherapien und trainings mit jeder Erstbehandlung jeweils CHF 5 an die Wunschambulanz Schweiz. Das Fantasia, Basel spendet ein Teil der Raummiete der Foundation Training Gruppenstunden ebenfalls. 170 CHF
Anonymous 200 CHF
Stefanie Lütte 160 CHF
Corinne Daepp 20 CHF
Irma Bleichenbacher 4'000 CHF
Rico Christoffel 100 CHF
Doris Schaffner-Beer 100 CHF
Stiftung I care for you 6'990 CHF
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