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Pupil sponsorships for protection against genital mutilation

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An intervention with lifelong consequences: Over 200 million girls and women worldwide are affected by female genital mutilation (FGM), 44 million of whom are girls under the age of 15. It is shocking that 37 per cent of all 15 to 19-year-old girls worldwide are affected by this cruel practice. Female circumcision is a blatant violation of fundamental human rights and is an agonising procedure with lasting physical and psychological consequences (Unicef, 2022). Faced with this alarming reality, the Sara Aduse Foundation is doing everything it can to protect girls and put a definitive end to this practice. In Ethiopia, 25 million girls and women have been subjected to FGM. Although the numbers are trending downwards, this is one of the highest absolute numbers of people affected in Eastern and Southern Africa (United Nations, 2022).
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We want to put an end to these alarming figures and are therefore actively campaigning against FGM in Harar, Ethiopia. The girls in our sponsorship programme are financed for their entire school education if their parents agree not to circumcise their daughters. We promote the education of young girls with the aim of making them role models for their community. It is our intention that the community recognises how the quality of life improves when girls are not mutilated and are invested in their future.
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Our project in Ethiopia aims to save girls at risk of FGM. We rely on targeted sponsorship programmes that not only provide protection from FGM, but also access to education for these young girls. We bear the financial responsibility for the schooling and livelihood of these girls, provided their parents agree to refrain from the harmful practice of circumcising their daughters. In addition to school fees and materials, we ensure that the girls and their families receive 3 meals a day. The cost per girl is CHF 623 per girl per year. Our goal for this campaign is to include 20 girls in the programme and enable sponsorships.
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The vision of the Sara Aduse Foundation is to end female genital mutilation worldwide. The foundation fights for FGM education, prevention and support for the girls and women affected. The aim is to raise awareness, strengthen the legal situation
and to provide medical care programmes and psychosocial support in the fight against female genital mutilation.
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