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Sara Aduse stands up against female circumcision

200 million girls and women are circumcised worldwide. To stop this cruel ritual, education and information are needed. With a donation of CHF 50 or more, you can support Sara Aduse in her fight against female circumcision.
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200 million girls and women are circumcised worldwide. In Switzerland, too, there are 22,000 girls and women who are affected by female circumcision.
Circumcision of the female genitals causes immediate and long-term health damage, such as concomitant injuries to the urethra, bladder or nerves, sterility, incontinence or complications during pregnancy and childbirth. 5-10% of those affected do not survive the procedure, and another 20% may die from the late effects. The psychological consequences, which can range from eating problems and sleep disorders to depression, are also severe. Those affected are robbed of their basic trust, they feel betrayed, marginalized and discriminated against.
Sara Aduse from Zurich was circumcised as a child in Ethiopia. She has come to terms with her own past and has made it her mission to help other victims and to speak out publicly against female circumcision.
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"It's time to consign this ritual to the history books."
By establishing the Sara Aduse Foundation, Sara hopes to provide much-needed education to help reduce female circumcision. With the foundation, she wants to show affected women solution-oriented methods for dealing with trauma. At the same time, a network is to be established that will bring together those affected and those interested in taking joint action against female circumcision.
Girls and young women are to be educated in their home countries (focus Ethiopia and other African countries) about the senseless tradition of female circumcision so that they do not pass it on to the next generation.
The foundation also supports children and young people who are victims of physical and psychological violence.
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In a first step, Sara Aduse would like to establish a foundation to generate funds that are necessary for the educational work and the actions. Education, information, support and active help are the central pillars of the foundation and the heartfelt tasks of Sara Aduse.
In order to establish the foundation, to start its work and to implement the first activities, Sara Aduse needs the donation amount of CHF 100'000.
She would like to implement the following measures in the medium to long term with the help of the foundation's funds:
  • Educational work among young migrant women in Switzerland, Austria and Germany who have been circumcised. This educational work will be carried out at eye level: Women who have been affected themselves educate those who have been affected.
  • Establishment of a network of local supporters who provide education locally and in Switzerland and take action against female circumcision in their communities.
  • Support in trauma processing: The circumcised women are shown solution-oriented methods, thanks to which they can better process the trauma on a psychological, emotional and physical level.
  • Establishment of a network of affected women in Switzerland and abroad who take action against female circumcision in their community.
  • Establishment of an information platform and active presence on social media platforms in order to reach those affected, interested parties and lay people internationally (viral content, posts, videos).
  • Procurement of speakers on the topic of female circumcision.
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Sara Aduse
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