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Emergency aid for the victims of the earthquake in Syria

People in Turkey and Syria are currently in an emergency situation due to the strong earthquakes. The local aid organisation Kids Paradise can provide immediate help to the people in north-west Syria and southern Turkey. Support the people on the ground!
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A magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck Turkey and northwest Syria on the night of 6 February 2023, leaving a trail of total devastation in its wake. It is one of the worst quakes ever recorded in this region. The huge destruction of buildings and infrastructure has so far resulted in nearly 30,000 deaths (as of 12 February 2023) and tens of thousands injured, with many victims still buried under the ruins of houses.
The local aid organisation Kids Paradise is able to provide immediate assistance to the people who lost their homes in the devastating earthquake and now have to survive in the worst conditions. Most of the people have to stay out in the open, in temperatures around freezing point, and so far have only very limited access to food and drinkable water.
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Kids Paradise is very well networked in the devastated area, as the organization has been active here for many years. Through its knowledge of local structures and coordination points, as well as contacts with other aid organizations, Kids Paradise is able to act very quickly and provide people with emergency shelter, food, drink and other urgent relief supplies.
In northwestern Syria, the need for emergency aid is particularly urgent in the regions of Idlib and Aleppo, where hardly any international aid has yet arrived.
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As a first step, emergency shelters are to be built for around 1,500 families and meals, drinking water, hygiene kits, clothes, stoves and heating oil distributed to up to 200,000 people every day in northwestern Syria. Earthquake victims also urgently need psychosocial support. Kids Paradise aims to provide therapy sessions for 4,000 affected children and refer particularly vulnerable children to specialized centers.
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Kids Paradise in association with the there-for-you foundation.
Kids Paradise (KP) is an NGO run by a coalition of humanitarian activists. Originally founded by a group of Syrian volunteers in March 2012, KP has since grown into an officially registered NGO in Turkey. Our head office is located in ANKARA-Turkey and the operations office in Antakya-Turkey with many camps and field offices throughout Syria and Turkey.
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Despite another earthquake, emergency aid could be provided

Two weeks after the biggest earthquake disaster in many years, there were again casualties and deaths in Turkey and Syria on Monday due to a strong aftershock. Despite the difficult situation, Kids Paradise was able to implement initial measures.

After the Kids Paradise office in Antakya was completely destroyed, the organisation team is currently in Reyhanli on the border between Turkey and Syria to coordinate the emergency relief projects. The team experienced the renewed earthquakes first hand, but fortunately were able to bring themselves and the remaining residents of the 5-storey building to safety in time. The renewed quake has caused great panic among the people, and many do not dare to go back into their houses.

From the first days after the earthquake until today, Kids Paradise teams have been working around the clock with various measures in the northwest of Syria and in the south of Turkey. So far, they have been able to support people in the Idlib region (Syria) and in southern Turkey as follows:

- Distribution of 5,000 fresh bread packages.

- Distribution of 1,750 ready-to-eat rations, enough for a family for a whole week.

- Distribution of 5000 ready-to-eat rations, enough for one person for one day.

- 600 people evacuated from earthquake zones to safe areas.

- Distribution of 750 blankets and 300 care kits.

The most urgent need for the affected people is shelter that will give them security and warmth. As tents are sold out in Turkey and Syria, Kids Paradise is now trying to import them. In addition, the effective measures mentioned above will be continued and expanded where possible. The Kids Paradise team continues to rely on all kinds of support. Be it in the form of monetary donations or sharing this appeal for donations. We would like to thank you very much for your support so far!

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