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Arosa Bear Academy

Vielen Dank an alle unsere Spender, wir haben unser Ziel erreicht.

project summaryThe Arosa Bear Academy imparts knowledge on sustainable animal protection and how to deal with nature. Your donation of CHF 50 can be used to pay for the professionals who work on learning programmes for the Academy.


After an 8-year project phase, the Arosa Bear Sanctuary was able to welcome the first bear to Arosa in July 2018 and opened its doors to visitors one month later in August. Under the motto "Where animal welfare meets tourism", the bear conservation centre not only offers the new residents the opportunity to rediscover their natural behaviour and enjoy this second phase of their life in the best possible surroundings, it also aims to use touristic and educational elements to draw visitors' attention to the sad fate of many bears that are kept in dire conditions.
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The next step is to ensure the sustainable promotion of animal welfare over generations. Acquired knowledge should bring about long-term changes in the field of animal protection. Therefore the Arosa Bears Foundation wants to establish a Bear Academy, which will impart knowledge in the field of animals and nature. This will include education in the field of animal care (3 disciplines), as well as within project weeks for students and schools (tourism, higher technical schools, etc.) In order to implement the development of the Bear Academy over the next 18 months, a three-stage project and financing model has been developed. Donations should ensure the majority of the financing. Every donation helps to impart knowledge that guarantees sustainable animal protection.
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  1. Phase: Initial cost of setting up the Bear Academy CHF 250,000

  2. Phase: Market penetration / promotion CHF 250,000

  3. Phase: Infrastructure (course premises, participant accommodation) CHF 2,500,000

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Arosa Bear Foundation and animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS
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A big thank you to all of you

Many thanks to all the numerous donations. This makes it possible for us to implement the first projects and actions. Already in July we will be able to report more and soon start a new project of the academy.

Dear supporters

You deserve a huge thank you. It is only through your active support that we can start now. Your generous donations will be used for the implementation of the summer program and the further development of the academy. Already in summer valuable knowledge can be imparted.

Since there are minor structural adjustments to be made and in order for us to get off to a good start, we have decided to close this project and end the current appeal for donations. In a few weeks we will present ourselves with a new project on this platform. With a corresponding update we will also inform you about it.

Please feel free to visit the new bears Sam and Jamila in Arosa Bärenland.

The Arosa Bear Academy is officially here

The academy is set to kick off the 2020 summer season with a new logo. In cooperation with the Arosa Bear Sanctuary, it offers courses for children and young people.

The Arosa Bear Academy has officially opened. With a newly designed logo and its own website, the academy is to kick off the 2020 summer season with a range of offers for children and young people. Participants can expect exciting insights into zoology, biology, physics, astronomy and geography. On a fun, half-day outdoor course, children can learn interesting facts about nature and the surroundings of Arosa. Called “Nature and Knowledge in Arosa”, it features simple interactive experiments so kids can see nature in action or understand how it works:

How are the colours of the rainbow arranged? How do I find out what the mountain peaks around Arosa are called? Which Alpine flowers are protected? Do bears only eat meat or are they actually vegetarians? The course explores these and many other questions and phenomena.

The final highlight of each course is a visit to the Arosa Bear Sanctuary, where the bears can also be observed from the new adventure trail. The courses tare always held on Thursday mornings, and individual dates can also be arranged for groups with at least four participants. The courses are held in German or English (depending on the group’s wishes) and last around 3.5 hours. The Arosa Bear Academy offering combines the practical transfer of knowledge with exercise in the fresh air in the mountains around Arosa. The instructor will tailor the course to the participants’ previous knowledge to ensure it is informative for everyone.

The new Arosa Bear Academy offering has also been well received by the media. In its issue of 24 July, the Aroser Zeitung published a detailed report on the academy in which it outlined the basic intentions and aims and presented the newly offered courses, which can be booked easily and conveniently online. All information can be found on the website or at Arosa Tourism. You can also visit the Nature Laboratory in Arosa to find out more about what the Bear Academy has to offer.

Previous donations have made these developments possible, with a large share used to create the logo and prepare and implementat the first course offerings and course materials. As a result, the Bear Academy is able to launch its first courses this summer. A big thank you to all those who have donated.

Future donations will be used to expand the range of courses on offer and to make the Arosa Bear Academy even better. By donating, you can support the establishment of an educational centre for animal and nature conservation and Alpine sustainability.

Arosa Bear Academy takes shape

Since 17 June 2020, various sustainability aspects of the Arosa holiday region have been presented in the newly opened Nature Laboratory. In addition to the Arosa Bear Sanctuary, the focus is also on the Bear Academy and support for the latter.

In the future, the Arosa Bear Academy, together with its partners, such as the University of Applied Sciences Grisons, aims to impart knowledge in the following areas to an interested audience:

  • Animal and nature conservation
  • Wilderness and nature education
  • Animal communication and animal care
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Ecology
  • Naturopathy and health

Under the motto “study naturally”, the Arosa Bear Academy will present the Alpine ecosystem, inculding all its inhabitants and flora and fauna. A focal point will be return of the lynx, bear and wolf to Switzerland – a key public issue in Switzerland at the moment. The offering will be tailored to visitors’ previous knowledge to ensure an entertaining and informative experience. Professional groups such as gamekeepers or tourism professionals can also receive training and further education opportunities here.

The sustainable and sensitive handling of the Alpine way of life serves as a model, and the academy plans to contribute to and expand the protection of animals, nature and ecosystems with its offerings. The academy is to be set up within the next 18 months, and all support for this ambitious project would be gratefully accepted. By donating, you can help to make this unique educational centre for nature and animal protection and Alpine sustainability a reality.

Visit the Arosa Nature Laboratory and get a personal impression for yourself!


Natur Labor Arosa

Zum Rote Huus

Poststrasse 65

7050 Arosa

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