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Animal sanctuary Aurelio

Many thanks for your support, which meant we were able to complete the project successfully.
project summaryThe Lebenshof Aurelio is a home for more than 70 animals, which are allowed to live there a species-appropriate life free of use. In order to realize the conversion of the former conventional tethered stall into a loose stall, considerable costs were necessary despite a lot of own initiative. Please help to cover these costs and to offer the animals a species-appropriate and loving home.


At Lebenshof Aurelio in Büron, more than 70 animals are allowed to live free of use. The majority of them are cattle - the farm currently has around 53 cows, young cattle and oxen. Until two years ago, they were milked and kept in a conventional tethered barn. With this type of housing, they cannot move freely, look after their calves or distance themselves in case of disagreements. A species-appropriate life indoors in the barn was not possible for them.
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In order to change this, we decided to convert the previous tethered stall and the pig barn into two loose stalls. Our primary goal was to provide our animals with a life that is as species-appropriate as possible. Each animal can now decide for itself whether it wants closeness or distance or, in case of disagreement, has the possibility to withdraw at any time - unlike the box system, which is also used in Swiss loose housing.
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The construction started at the end of 2020, took about two years and covered many areas: The building electrics were freshly installed, the feed fence was replaced, a dung slide was installed, a large part of the floor as well as two exterior walls were newly concreted and an additional manure hole was dug. We did much of this work ourselves, either partially or completely. This enabled us to keep our budget as low as possible and to keep the costs for the conversion as low as possible.
We meticulously planned this construction, which took several years - both because of the space available and from a financial point of view. Unfortunately, the Corona pandemic and the obligatory bird flu measures resulted in some additional costs. These have put a considerable strain on our farm budget. The actual costs now exceed our planned budget by about 80,000 Swiss francs in order to be able to cover the reconstruction - despite a lot of own initiative and the choice of second-hand equipment for new purchases, as far as this was possible. We would be very grateful if you could help us to cover these additional costs so that we can continue to offer the animals a life worth living.
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We, Claudia and Beat Troxler, run the Lebenshof Aurelio in Büron. Until three years ago, we produced milk and meat on our conventional farm. However, we found it increasingly difficult to separate the calves from their mothers and to watch the young animals constantly calling for their mothers and suffering from the lack of contact. For this reason, we decided to convert our farm into a life farm in 2020.
Around 70 animals live on our farm - including 53 cows, seven alpacas, a llama, chickens and roosters, two pygmy goats and the two pigs Felix and Nala.
We thank all our supporters from the bottom of our hearts for making it possible for our animals to live in a species-appropriate way.
Lebenshof Aurelio has been working with ProTier since its foundation and is an integral part of ProTier's annual farm days.
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Nadja Kuhn 100,00 CHF
Dami Kiefer 100,00 CHF
Ulrich Signer 100,00 CHF
Beatrice Bachmann 50,00 CHF
Priska Aeschlimann 50,00 CHF
Lorena Birrer 200,00 CHF
Gabriele Wegmann 100,00 CHF
Barbara Eberhard 50,00 CHF
Marco Francesconi 100,00 CHF
Lorena Koch 100,00 CHF
Dami Kiefer 50,00 CHF
Rolf Senn 182,00 CHF
Anonymous 177,00 CHF
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Goldbach Group AG 90,00 CHF
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Johanna Kindler 180,00 CHF
Robert Lange 530,00 CHF
Martina Gisler 50,00 CHF
Verena Oswald 50,00 CHF
Corina Estermann-Brunner 50,00 CHF
Larissa D'Arcangelo 400,00 CHF
Caroline Obermeyer 200,00 CHF
Maik Schmidheiny 50,00 CHF
Evelyne Bucher 50,00 CHF
Martin Laubacher 100,00 CHF
Maria Werner 350,00 CHF
Joëlle Frank 80,00 CHF
Anonymous 1,00 CHF
Anonymous 50,00 CHF
Marina Schulz 50,00 CHF
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