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Humanitarian aid for Ukraine

Many thanks for your support, which meant we were able to complete the project successfully.
Libereco wants to support the Ukrainian population who are still in the country and has started a support campaign with its Ukrainian partner organization Vostok SOS. Support the campaign with a donation!


On February 24, Russia began an attack on its neighbor country. Vladimir Putin has invaded Ukraine once again.
Therefore, Libereco, together with our Ukrainian partner organization Vostok SOS, launched a major relief operation for Ukraine.
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This involves addressing the most urgent needs of people in the immediate danger zone, bringing them medicines and bandages, helping them evacuate, and finding temporary housing for them.
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Vostok SOS has set up several telephone hotlines. There, as well as via the Internet, those who are affected can call in and request help. At the same time, Vostok SOS employees are in the frontline area to provide direct support.
The work of the teams on the ground, the mobilization of volunteers and the operational humanitarian, medical, psychological and legal work cost money. Any amount helps to evacuate families, organize medical and humanitarian aid, repair broken homes, protect civilians and provide trauma therapy. We guarantee to put all donations where they are urgently needed.
Libereco has already been providing humanitarian aid in Ukraine since 2014 - we will continue to do so for many years and will not leave people alone with the consequences of the war.
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The donation goal was reached!

Help can continue to be given to the people in Ukraine.

The adjusted donation goal of 6,000 Swiss francs was reached and the people in Ukraine can continue to be helped.

Thanks to the donations, families can be evacuated, broken houses can be repaired, medical and humanitarian aid can be provided and/or organized and trauma therapies can be offered - thank you!

Andrea Weibel 50 CHF
Simon und Leo Gantenbein 275 CHF
Anonymous 320 CHF
Anonymous 2'500 CHF
Anonymous 300 CHF
Anonymous 600 CHF
Kaspar Menzi 330 CHF
Vermittelt durch Swisscom 220 CHF
Cima Gianni 50 CHF
Michele Corrieri 260 CHF
Hans Rudolf Peter 1'000 CHF
Anonymous 10 CHF
Thierry Borner 50 CHF
Daniel Bürgi 50 CHF
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