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Money for hay

Triggered by the hot summer, the grass on the meadows has not grown as well this year as in previous years. This is causing financial difficulties for many Swiss food farms. To relieve these farms, we are collecting money for hay!
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The grass in the meadows has not grown as well as usual this year. Roger Limacher from the Frei Sein life farm in Luthern has also noticed this. As a result, his hay production was not only meagre, but he already had to spread hay on the meadow in summer so that his animals had enough fodder on the pasture. As a result, he now had to buy additional hay at rising prices - an investment that put an unexpected strain on the farm budget. This also hits other Swiss farms particularly hard. The fact that they have now had to feed their hay prematurely this year presents them with an additional financial challenge.
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For this reason we have launched the campaign Money for Hay. The aim of this campaign is clear: to financially support as many farms as possible in the purchase of hay. In this way, we want to prevent our own feed shortage on the one hand and relieve the farms financially on the other.
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Before and during the collection period, various farms in our network reached out to us and asked for our support. At the end of November, we will conclude the fundraising and then forward the donations generated to the interested farms. To ensure that these donations are used for the intended purpose, we will contribute directly to the invoices for the respective hay deliveries. In order to help as many farms and animals as possible, we want to support them with at least 15 tonnes of hay. This requires about 5,000 Swiss francs at current target prices.
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As ProTier - Foundation for Animal Welfare and Ethics, we have been campaigning for a just and ethical treatment of animals for almost 75 years with our projects and campaigns. We are committed to species-appropriate living and husbandry conditions for animals and their respect and consideration as sensitive living beings capable of suffering. In doing so, we place a special focus on supporting sanctuaries and sanctuary farms. With our political commitment, we help to ensure that necessary changes take place and can be enshrined in law, thus raising awareness of our social responsibility towards animals and nature.
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Roger Häcki 5'000 CHF
Martin Laubacher 50 CHF
Anonymous 180 CHF
Anonymous 360 CHF
Vermittelt durch Swisscom 150 CHF
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