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Bread for Hope: Support for needy families in north-west Syria

Many thanks for your support, which meant we were able to complete the project successfully.
project summaryThe "Bread for Hope" project distributes bread daily to 2,000 families in need in north-west Syria to alleviate the precarious humanitarian situation caused by the war. With your donation, Kids Paradise gives the poorest and most vulnerable groups, including orphans and single women, access to essential food.


After more than 12 years of war, 4.5 million people live in north-west Syria (NWS). Of these, 3.7 million are internally displaced persons from other parts of Syria, more than half of whom live in refugee camps. Most people in NWS are dependent on aid and threatened by hunger. The devastating earthquake a year ago made the situation even worse and the humanitarian situation remains critical. Kids Paradise is actively working in the region to provide not only immediate emergency relief but also long-term support by rebuilding agriculture, particularly wheat farming. As part of this commitment, bread is distributed daily to 2,000 needy families in 12 refugee camps over a period of two months in a special project. This equates to support for around 12,000 people. Due to limited financial resources, the bread is sold at a symbolic price of CHF 0.4 per kilo. However, many families cannot afford even this small amount.
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Therefore, our aim is to provide the most needy and vulnerable individuals and families, including households headed by single women, orphans, the elderly and people with disabilities or illnesses, with the opportunity to receive free bread every day for 30 days. The project focuses on providing support in various refugee camps in NWS.
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The implementation of the project builds on the existing subsidised bread distribution. The local Kids Paradise team will identify the people and families to be supported. The distribution will begin as soon as the necessary donations have been secured. As the project is already active, donations will be collected directly and transferred to Kids Paradise on a regular basis to ensure immediate support. With a target amount of CHF 2,400, 100 families can be provided for 30 days. If a higher donation amount is reached, more families will be supported accordingly.
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Kids Paradise (KP) is an NGO run by a group of humanitarian activists. Originally founded by Syrian volunteers in March 2012, KP has since grown into an officially registered NGO in Turkey. Our head office is located in Ankara-Turkey and the operations office in Gaziantep with many camps and field offices in Northwest Syria and Turkey. Before the earthquake, our operations office was located in Antakya, but this was completely destroyed by the earthquake. Since 2018, the Kids Paradise Switzerland association, led by Simone Jeger, has been supporting Kids Paradise with fundraising.
In collaboration with the there-for-you foundation.
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Rahel Ehrsam 100 CHF
Sabina Matzelt 50 CHF
Anonymous 100 CHF
Stefan Leser 150 CHF
Anonymous 50 CHF
Anas Abdul Dayem 20 CHF
Brauch Transporte 500 CHF
Sabina Matzelt 50 CHF
Carlos Basalo 50 CHF
Anonymous 200 CHF
Sven Zahn 50 CHF
Nadia Chatti 200 CHF
Elisabeth und Heinz Vogel Bisig 40 CHF
Vermittelt durch Swisscom 450 CHF
Anonymous 50 CHF
Simone Jeger 50 CHF
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