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Vocational training centre in Togo needs help!

Many thanks for your support, which meant we were able to complete the project successfully.
project summaryQualified and motivated teachers are needed so that the training programmes can continue to be offered. Help to secure the salary for the training centre in Togo with a donation of CHF 50.


The Swiss association SWEET has built up a training centre in Togo over the last few years. The centre is run by local people. With good vocational training, Togolese men and women can build a future for themselves in their own homeland. The SWEET association provides financial support and professional guidance. The Togolese Swiss, Essodinam Alitiloh, grew up in Togo and is the bridgebuilder who carefully observes and accompanies the processes in Togo.
The operations of the vocational training centre are constantly being expanded and developed. Currently, around 100 Togolese are completing their three-year training in various classes. In June 2021, 14 candidates from the first course have successfully completed their training. In addition to the specific training in one of the three professions (farmer, bricklayer and electrician), the trainees receive a general education.
Our vocational training centre is still not financially supported by the government. The income from the agricultural products that we produced have made a modest contribution to the running costs so far. The continuation of the training is therefore still dependent on donations from Switzerland.
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At some point, the vocational training centre should no longer depend on Swiss donations. However, this requires a great deal of persistence. It is important that the teachers can assume financial security. This way, they continue to be committed to the school and can secure their family's livelihood. The students depend on the school being maintained. For them, education is the basis for their future independence.
Therefore, securing the salaries of our teachers is a priority for us. We have a qualified, pedagogically trained local team of teachers and we want to continue working with them.
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The donations are used directly for the teachers so that they have financial security and can contribute to the continuation and further development of the school. Only if we can pay our great and motivated team adequately, we can continue to provide education for the young people. Our teaching team consists of 6 permanent teachers:
KOULOUN Kassang Essossinam (headmaster), BAYAMBA Kalao (technical teacher for electrical engineering), LAKOUGNON Patapouwé (technical teacher for agriculture), MOUZOU Essolakina (technical teacher for agriculture), PATAKO Essodjolo (technical teacher for bricklaying), KABRAN Makli (caretaker, security).
Additional eight teachers are working on a lesson-by-lesson basis. We thank you very much for your donations and support of the training centre.
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In 2012, the association SWEET (Swiss Education and Employment Transfer), based in Emmenbrücke, was founded and run by secondary school and vocational school teachers. The SWEET association is non-partisan, non-denominational and non-profit-oriented.
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Anonymous 100 CHF
Urban Fischer 50 CHF
Verena Kubli 100 CHF
Jan & Herma Zuidema 500 CHF
Inga Bucher 100 CHF
Andrea Hörig 100 CHF
Esther Holl 50 CHF
Anonymous 200 CHF
Lukas Fischer 750 CHF
Walter Lüscher 250 CHF
Anonymous 50 CHF
Sandra 170 CHF
Romana Walti 50 CHF
Claudia Diggelmann 100 CHF
Elly Haebler 100 CHF
Thomas Landolt 200 CHF
Urs Grütter 200 CHF
Simon Wehrle 100 CHF
Anonymous 50 CHF
Werner Munz 50 CHF
Estermann AG 200 CHF
Inga Bucher 100 CHF
Stefan Schmidli 50 CHF
Anonymous 150 CHF
Alwin Suter 50 CHF
Käthi Burkart 100 CHF
Anonymous 500 CHF
Nicolas Wirth 100 CHF
Bruno Kaufmann 100 CHF
Samira Zouaoui 50 CHF
Julie Alitiloh 100 CHF
Manuela Steiner 50 CHF
Dominik Valsangiacomo 100 CHF
Frédéric Michaud 100 CHF
Sebastian Lehner 100 CHF
Giovanna Perghem 50 CHF
Daniela Zumsteg 50 CHF
Anja Handschin 50 CHF
Stefan Müller 100 CHF
Richard Meier 100 CHF
Bruno Dudle 100 CHF
Jürg Padun 100 CHF
Anonymous 100 CHF
Anonymous 500 CHF
Gabriela Steiger Füchslin 100 CHF
peter süess 100 CHF
Anonymous 100 CHF
Anonymous 100 CHF
Theres Cotting 100 CHF
Verena Trüb 500 CHF
Tom Diggelmann 50 CHF
Tom Diggelmann 50 CHF
Anonymous 500 CHF
Claudia Sänger 50 CHF
Beatriz und Lukas Meyer 200 CHF
Jorin Birbaum 100 CHF
Richard Schmid-Leupi 200 CHF
Simone Pawlik 100 CHF
Peter Lohrer 1'000 CHF
Ruth und Ruedi Werder 500 CHF
Andy Bernhard 50 CHF
Andrea Renggli-Sidler 500 CHF
Annemarie Geiger 200 CHF
Anonymous 50 CHF
Denis Vollmar 500 CHF
Familien Schwander & Schmidli 500 CHF
Hanspeter Schmidli-Schwander 100 CHF
Flavia Geiger 200 CHF
Livius Fordschmid 1'000 CHF
Anonymous 300 CHF
Pascal Basler 100 CHF
Eliane Schmidli 50 CHF
Eva-Maria Haslebacher 400 CHF
Arnaldo Dillena 300 CHF
Markus und Beatric Huber 350 CHF
Monika und Urs Fischer Abt 500 CHF
Edoardo Sassone 100 CHF
Franziska Müller 50 CHF
Anonymous 1'000 CHF
Cornelia Marugan 50 CHF
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