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Many thanks for your support, which meant we were able to complete the project successfully.
project summaryThe Kwitka association wants to offer refugees from Ukraine a central contact point and support them regarding their arrival and how to organise themselves in Switzerland - help towards self-help. Support the development of an aid network with your donation.


Large streams of displaced persons from Ukraine are moving towards western Europe. The willingness to help and the solidarity is great, which - unfortunately - is also very much needed. That's why we decided to found a non-profit association to offer the displaced persons and their families a medium-term perspective and the ability to act.
The founders of the association have already helped displaced persons themselves and have personally witnessed their need as well as their motivation. Many are shocked and tired but do not want to be idle, instead they want to get active and return to a certain "normality".
The association is founded and the statues are posted on their website.
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The establishment of an aid network for the people who have fled. We want to help people when they arrive in Switzerland and support them in their new start in an unfamiliar country as a central point of contact. For this purpose, we are founding a non-profit association under Swiss law in order to offer the displaced persons and their families medium-term perspectives and the ability to act. Displaced persons who can help other displaced persons are also hired themselves. In this way we would like to contribute to the reduction of suffering as well as to the protection of the helpful host society.
Displaced persons who have a perspective and whose financial situation is not hopeless have a positive outlook on life and can actively contribute to improvements. That is our goal.
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Due to time pressure, the association is still in its initial phase. The first crowdfunding campaign serves to establish the organisational structure and infrastructure and to hire the first displaced persons on a part-time basis. This step includes the expansion of the website and work equipment for the people.
As a second step, we would like to set up a small call centre, which will also produce support materials for the displaced persons such as step-by-step instructions for social security, rights and obligations as employees and contacts to  organisations who offer protection against exploitation. We would also like to provide contacts and contact points that can support them or, for example, offer sports or language courses for children.
Multilingual refugees would already be involved in project management, councelling and translation work in this phase. The support for the displaced persons also includes helping them in setting up bank accounts and explaining how payroll and the social secuirty system works in Switzerland. Trustworthy contacts will be established with psychological counselors, psychiatrists, pastors and doctors for people in need of psychological help.
The next step would be to set up a job exchange, to support them in the search for internships as well as to offer language training. At the same time, the association should maintain lean structures and enter into partnerships with other organisations. In addition to the well-being of the displaced persons, transparency and clarity regarding the use of funds have the highest priority.
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Andrij Sytnyk, Eichenstrasse 30, 6015 Lucerne. Diaspora-Ukrainian born in Munich and Chairman of the Ukrainian Youth Association in Germany. Married, father of two daughters. Professional IT entrepreneur.
Maksym Liakov, Balberstrasse 38, 3038 Zurich. Ukrainian citizen living in Zurich. Married and father of one son. Professional project manager for IT projects.
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