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Dog rescue in Ukraine

Many thanks for your support, which meant we were able to complete the project successfully.You can see the impact of the donations for yourself in the video which has been produced. In the introduction you can find the video for the project.
project summaryDue to the war in Ukraine, the number of street animals increases dramatically, people are killed or fleeing and have to leave the animals behind. Oxana is committed to these animals and now needs our help. Support her with a donation!


Oxana and her husband have been running a dog shelter in Starokostiantyniv, about 300 km west of Kiev, for many years. She has made it her life's mission to rescue and care for as many street dogs as possible in and around the city. The shelter is mainly financed by donations and before the outbreak of the war in Ukraine she took care of about 200 dogs. More animals could not be taken in due to the lack of financial resources.
Since the beginning of this war, the number of street dogs has increased tremendously. The city has been bombed by the Russian military, people have died and many of the citizens have fled. Some of them had to leave their dogs behind , so now there is no one who can take care of the animals.
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Oxana made a clear decision not to flee. She wants to stay and help the animals. She is taking care of animals, that are in need of protection and she is treating them in her shelter. There are now over 500 dogs on her property and more are coming because of the ongoing war. She needs external financial support to provide food and shelter for the animals. There is a lack of everything at the moment. We would like to support her with this project and help the animals.
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The donations are used to finance dog food, emergency medical supplies and the construction of dog kennels and shelters.
Every donation helps!
Currently, food can still be brought to the dog shelter with a delivery van. With a truck it is no longer possible because of the destroyed roads. Because of that , it takes many rides to bring food into the shelter. The shelter is located quite outside of the city and is therefore quite safe and has so far been protected from attacks. The donations will also be used to buy building materials for more kennels so that more dogs can be housed.
Without our help, Oxana and her shelter will not be able to care for the animals much longer, which would mean a death sentence for many dogs. We will transfer the donations directly to the providers after the appropriate deliveries, assuring that the needed goods such as food, medicine or building materials will also reach Oxana.
Let's help Oxana, who stands up for the defenseless animals!
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Paolo Nocco and his wife, who are from the Ukraine and know Oxana personally.
Every donation will be used to help the animals, should more than the CHF 7'500 be collected, we will expand the help accordingly.
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7 tons of feed are ready for delivery

After some problems with the procurement of the animal food we could finally order several bags. The food will be placed in the shelter but also distributed among the street dogs. This is only possible thanks to you wonderful animal friends.

After we had located the last supplier in the region and ordered seven tons of feed(!), the whole thing worked out wonderfully after initial problems with the payment to Ukraine. The feed could already be delivered to Oxana. The food bags were not only distributed to the animals already housed in the shelter, the volunteers also went around the city and fed the many street dogs.

With our delivery, the food ration is secured for several months, in the hope that the situation in Ukraine will improve by then.

Once again a big thank you to you!

Nelly Nicollier 100 CHF
Janosch Bremauer 5 CHF
Anonymous 3'000 CHF
Elsbeth Martin 100 CHF
Anonymous 130 CHF
Sarah Kohler 100 CHF
Anonymous 50 CHF
Nadine Stadelmann-Reichlin 100 CHF
Sandra De Luigi 500 CHF
VitaPet 200 CHF
Marisa Biferi 100 CHF
Theres Gantner 200 CHF
Sandra Altermatt 100 CHF
Caroline Salvi 50 CHF
Sandra Scheidegger 50 CHF
Anonymous 250 CHF
Anonymous 200 CHF
Anonymous 470 CHF
Save an Animal Foundation 2'000 CHF
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