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Fulfilment of last heart's wishes 2023

Thanks to the wish ambulance, seriously ill people can meet a loved one for the last time or visit a place of longing. You too can become a wish granter.
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When people become seriously ill and a cure is no longer possible, there is still a lot that can be done for them. Palliative care includes not only medical and nursing care, but also the spiritual support of a person in their last phase of life. Palliative care creates dignity and comfort by enabling autonomy and self-determination for those affected. In this last phase of life, many affected people still have a place or people they would like to see or visit one last time. This is often not possible in a private setting, as the seriously ill are usually very fragile and need permanent medical care. This is where the wish ambulance comes into play: We fulfil these last wishes thanks to our specially equipped ambulance vehicles and volunteers with a medical background. In this way, we can give dying people back some of their self-determination.
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The idea of fulfilling last wishes originated in Holland in 2007. Inspired by there, we founded the wish ambulance in Switzerland in 2017. We fulfil last wishes of the heart through donations. These are as diverse as the people themselves. In the past, we were able to make it possible for people to have their wedding, bring fans and music idols together, make it possible for animals and people to see each other again, or accompany well wishers one last time to a place that is very special to them. Since 2017, the Wish Clinic has been able to fulfil more than 500 wishes and thus give patients and relatives unforgettable moments of happiness.
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The fulfilment of wishes for people in their last phase of life often turns out to be privately difficult to impossible due to the necessary medical care and the lack of suitable transport options. A wish fulfilment with the wish ambulance can cost between CHF 700 and CHF 1,500 and requires considerable medical effort. Although this is costly, the wish ambulance takes over the organisation and costs so that there are no costs for the wisher and their relatives.
For dying people and their relatives, the fulfilment of wishes means a lot. It often helps them to say goodbye to beloved places, people or animals. For the 400 volunteers, it is a moving experience to be allowed to participate in such an important moment and to experience the gratitude and satisfaction of the patients and relatives.
In order to be able to secure our operation in the future, we need your generous support: the higher our donation income, the more heartfelt wishes we can fulfil! Our Wish Ambulance project is continuously in operation and uses the funds for ongoing wish fulfilment. Every donation is therefore of great importance to us.
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Petar Sabovic, the founder of the Wish Ambulance in Switzerland, works closely with the there-for-you Foundation. We would like to sincerely thank you for your donation and your support in fulfilling a last wish. Please note that your donation is tax deductible and (if desired) will be personally acknowledged on the social media channels of the Wish Ambulance at the end of the year.
If you would like to make a donation by payment slip, you can find the corresponding template here: Payment slip Wish Ambulance
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Hubertus Smolders 120 CHF
Anonymous 50 CHF
Dario Delpini 200 CHF
Denise Zimmer 80 CHF
Karin Reutlinger 100 CHF
Beat Meier 575 CHF
Anonymous 200 CHF
Peter und Nadja Heierli 150 CHF
Anonymous 250 CHF
Paolo e Patrizia Lazzeri 205 CHF
NDS Zyklus 48 2'100 CHF
Sandra Zabatta-Alcantara 100 CHF
Migrolino AG 20'254 CHF
Ernst Altherr 100 CHF
Anonymous 100 CHF
Wundpraxis Sumiswald 50 CHF
fairydress GmbH 60 CHF
Anonymous 20 CHF
Anonymous 50 CHF
Silvana Stähelin 50 CHF
Hubert Müller 100 CHF
Splendid Rides 50 CHF
Marisa Liviero 50 CHF
wörtlich. 100 CHF
Joel Di Ronco 50 CHF
HANNI Golling 100 CHF
Anonymous 50 CHF
Armin Benz 50 CHF
Verena Guerdi 100 CHF
Anonymous 50 CHF
Roland Walker 200 CHF
Luna 200 CHF
Fredi Buri 100 CHF
Brigitta Meier 100 CHF
Myriam Rüegger 50 CHF
Jeannette Adlouni 50 CHF
Tanja Fantelli 100 CHF
Nilgün Sönmez 100 CHF
Rolf Schürmann 1'000 CHF
Anonymous 150 CHF
Christin Franzke 100 CHF
Giovanna Roncoroni 190 CHF
Anna Elisabeth Spilker 198 CHF
Pascale Freuler 20 CHF
Monika Andrea Bieri 100 CHF
Verena Boller Stiftung 10'000 CHF
Ursula Meienberg 100 CHF
Christian Dür 50 CHF
Adrian Rüegger-Strübin 900 CHF
Amara Wassmer 50 CHF
Giskard Wagner 500 CHF
Sascha Gees 700 CHF
Monvia AG 600 CHF
Erna Sprenger 555 CHF
Egli Federnfabrik AG 3'000 CHF
Verena Hofer-Looser 200 CHF
Bruno Ueltschi 200 CHF
Vreni Baenziger-Egger 200 CHF
Erwin Fischer 250 CHF
Cornelia Rauber 200 CHF
Theo Eugster 250 CHF
Arztpraxis Triengen Dr. Hasanaj 250 CHF
Patricia Steiner-Keller 400 CHF
Melanie Widmer Consulting GMBH 250 CHF
Jolanda Muller 260 CHF
Elisabeth Anzenberger 165 CHF
Vermittelt durch Swisscom 525 CHF
Anonymous 5 CHF
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