Donation fund for emergency aid projects in the Ukraine

The people in Ukraine are currently experiencing a state of emergency and need our help and solidarity. They are fleeing from the war and the destruction in their homeland and have to leave their belongings behind. According to the UN, more than 600,000 people (as of early March 2022) have already fled to neighbouring countries and many more are expected at the borders.

At the borders as well as in hospitals or care institutions, there is a shortage of everything. People need medical supplies and medicine, clothing, sleeping bags, lamps, but above all food and water. Here is an overview of different ways to support Ukraine:

Donations to this fund will go towards helping the people and, if needed, the animals, the environment, etc. in the Ukraine. will use the donations for impactful projects such as:

or future projects on our platform for the Ukraine or external projects. The following projects on our platform have already been financed with the help of this fund:

Donate now either directly via Twint or via other forms of payment (bank transfer, credit card, etc.) using the form below.

Thank you very much for your support!

#standwithukraine #takeactionnow

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  • Relief fund for Ukraine

    Help for Ukraine! Every donation will be used effectively.

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