Donate to the crowd-donation platform and make meaningful growth possible!

The platform connects effective and meaningful projects in the three areas of “animal welfare”, “climate protection” and “child aid”. Projects and donations are brought together according to clearly structured and controlled criteria.

The makers behind the platform are also actively involved in project evaluation and implementation. As the platform becomes better known, with a wider selection of projects, it will receive more attention and supporters will become actively involved. With “there-for-trees”, the founders of the platform are themselves launching an important and high-impact project in collaboration with the Crowther Lab at ETH Zurich. The money donated will be forwarded in full (after charges have been deducted) to the people responsible for the project.

Donate now to the future of! To develop the platform further, the founders are seeking donations to the platform. While the founders are happy to work pro bono, the technology updates, content changes and effective enhancement of the platform require funding. Your donation will go towards communication in different languages, modern IT systems, market penetration and an active network of interns involved in the operational management of important and meaningful projects.

Your donation will enable many times that amount in project donations.


    There is always more that could be done locally and globally. Every donation can be used to good effect. Donations from 100 CHF