Many roads lead to Rome. During the course of a project it is often helpful when you have known empirical values you can fall back on. The team wants to be there for its partners and support them with a wide range of services to guide them on their way. This can range from drafting texts, through making recommendations and performing analyses in the field of CSR for companies, to providing end-to-end project support. We look forward to hearing from you

General project consulting

When you start a new project, often you are venturing into uncharted territory. You are confronted with unexpected challenges, have to repeatedly remotivate yourself and the people you work with, and need support solving problems posed by various hurdles and contact points.

This is the kind of experience the founders of have gathered in their many years working in the tourism industry and in the field of animal welfare. And it is precisely this experience that can help you draw the right conclusions early on when dealing with future projects and steer the projects in question down the right track.

In this way, we and other expertly qualified people from our network (leader know-how integration) create the ideal conditions to drive projects forward and achieve the desired goal. The “General project consulting” product comprises the following three focal topics:

  • Selection of location (for projects with connection to land, spaces, etc.)
  • Dialogue with the authorities (e.g. Office for Nature and the Environment)
  • Acquisition of public funds
  • Foundation and financing requests
  • Support with coordination
  • Selection of businesses for implementation (construction, experience, planning, etc.)
  • Communication support (concepts, media relations, creative forms of communication and media)

Leader know-how integration

A personal backpack of project and management experience often leads after years of successful operating activity to the strategic level of the Board of Directors. offers an exciting alternative where managers can put the strengths and skills they have developed coupled with their own stimulating network to efficient and effective use for meaningful projects.

And specifically with targeted project support in the areas of animal welfare, climate protection and child aid.

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Targeted consulting for crowddonating projects

Does your crowddonating project need professional support in particular areas or with specific topics? Are you unable to cover certain things internally? We will be happy to refer you to one of our partner firms which offer the corresponding services in professional quality and at fair partner prices. For example:

The team offers targeted support in the field of drafting texts, reviewing texts, drawing up concepts (implementation, finances, communication) and reporting (post-processing, etc.). We have various inhouse specialists who will be happy to guide you through the different steps.

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Consulting for companies

Looking the other way is no longer an option. The companies of the world, both big and small, are faced with the obligation and responsibility to think about the future and act sustainably, as well as to minimise their own CO2 footprint. Whether this is through their own projects launched in the aim of creating a better world or through targeted CSR initiatives with their own offices and employees. We provide support from the moment the first step is taken on the strategic journey. We highlight ideas for integration, guide towards potential projects and content, and create implementation concepts and a customised impact portfolio to get the company and its employees motivated – and keep them that way.

When projects are identified that are effective and meet the needs of the company, these are evaluated according to individual requirements in a personal discussion and according to the input received from our portfolio online analyst.

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